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Welcome to our American Motors Shop!

Since 1980 we have supplied parts for AMC vehicles (AMX, Ambassador, American, Classic, Concord, Eagle, Gremlin, Hornet, Javelin, Marlin, Matador, Nash, Pacer, Rambler, Rebel, Spirit). Our goal has been to maintain a source for 1958-1988 passenger vehicle components. We have a small selection of Nash era parts, which are all listed in the catalog.  Our On-Line Catalog represents new or reproduction items we strive to keep in stock and can usually ship the day your order is placed. The format of the on-line catalog follows that of AMC's parts book whereby all parts are listed under the "group" number. This grouping system breaks down parts by their location or the system on the vehicle that they are most closely affiliated with. We have become one of the largest AMC retailers, and we believe our substantial inventory will help you in the maintenance and/or restoration of your AMC/Rambler vehicle. Prices are subject to change without notice.
( and to digitally fax us orders and parts requests).
Thanks for visiting. Happy Ramblings!

1965 Marlin engine turned dash overlay: (Will also fit on Ambassadors which were originally Wodograin)
22-5000 Aluminum Overlay $98.50 ~ 22-5001 Vinyl Decal Overlay $42.50

October 9th, 2019 - State of the Union:
Cores, etc, we are a little backed up as we were closed various days to finish removing parts from our old location in Lodi, all refunds will be issued this week, thank you for your patience.
Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts is still undergoing difficulty maintaining an adequate phone response to our customers during our continuing relocation efforts. As of March 31st, CJ has returned to the warmer climate of California, leaving Benjamin as the only one physically here in Klamath Falls. We have hired Brenden to help on the phones in early April. Additionally, Benjamin has some aid a couple days a week to pull parts and help move in. Chuck & Brenden are attempting to handle the incoming phone orders as well as inquires while Benjamin is handling the move of the remaining inventory still down in Lodi, pulling orders, packaging, processing, re-stocking, accounting, etc. At this time we believe that faxed orders remain the best way to enter an order, as our on-line ordering is awaiting some additional upgrades to remove the difficulties encountered earlier this year. We have been assured that this will be completed soon, but no actual time has been provided.
Lastly, in response to multiple inquires, Doug has stayed in California and is providing to Terri's needed health care. We continue to utilize him on many technical issues on behalf of customers, and he occasionally has time to respond to some issues in person.
We thank you for your patience during this difficult period and thank you for your loyalty during these remaining days of our relocation. Happy Ramblings!

NEW ONE-RATE SHIPPING: 2-DAY SHIPPING (under 20 lbs.) to anywhere in the lower 48 states:
Envelopes: Flat $7.50 ~ Padded(Pak) $10.00
Boxes: Small $13.00 ~ Medium $17.00
3-Day Large Box $$24.00

NEW-USED-REPRODUCTION-NOS Parts:  Accessories, Brake Parts, Carpet Kits, Doors, Electrical, Fenders, Gears, Hoods, Interior Parts, Johnny Lightning, Knobs, Lights, Mouldings, Nameplates, Ornaments, Plastic Parts, Quarter Panels, Rubber Pieces, Seals, Trunks, U-joints, Vent Shades, Weather seals, X-Ray Brochures, Yokes, Z-bars & many more parts available from 1958 thru 1988 American Motors.